Scavery – a team of experienced professionals in harmony existing among the permanent education : learning and teaching their surroundings . We aim to use the achievements of international experience in the field of development to transpose it to our hometown. We bring ideas to the space .

By incorporating a system of knowledge and market research company Scavery looking for the best ways to implement their projects. We focus on managing , understanding this process as the highest form of manifestation of responsibility:

development – it is a constant growth and evolution needed to create and maintain a new way of life . The idea of ??a full understanding of man and of the urban environment through modern technologies of space and quality service .

Scavery company thinks in terms of time and serves an innovator in the industry , adhering to environmental standards and challenging technical solutions. As professionals , we can afford to work only with professionals , so we carefully select the best experts in their field . So we can be a small but fast growing company that sets the standards for development , with a special St. Petersburg approach to his work, when the ability to understand and analyze the world determines the desire to create , to which we moved . We explore the world to create unique spatial solutions to experience life in its development.